Patrick first became inspired to play the drums at the age of 10.  While on a family trip to Disneyland he happened to catch a Buddy Rich concert at the Carnation Corner.  As he watched in awe, he decided, "I’m gonna do that!"  Shortly thereafter, he asked his grandmother, who had 2 musician sons of her own, how to play (you know grandmothers know everything).  So she showed him, more or less.  His dad bought him his first pair of drumsticks that year and his first drum was an October 1983 GTE Yellow Pages phone book.  He had a great imagination.  His parents thought (and hoped) that this drumming thing would only last a couple of days.  It didn't. At age 11 his uncle lent him what was his boyhood drum set; a 1966 Gretsch Jazz kit in glimmering tangerine sparkle.  He never had a formal lesson (besides the one from grandma).  He learned to play by watching other drummers, listening to music, and duplicating the sounds on his kit.  Besides Buddy Rich, he was inspired early on by drummers like Stewart Copeland, Larry Mullen, Jr., Keith Moon, Ginger Baker, and John Densmore. Later he would be introduced to artists like Neil Peart, Gene Krupa, and John Bonham.  Some of Patrick’s current favorites include Atom Willard, Lester Estelle II, Alex Gonzalez, and Matt Cameron.   Patrick plays for several local bands in the Southern California area.  He also has been sought after for studio work and has played on over 25 records.  Additionally, his versatility and knowledge of many different styles of music has made him a regular fill-in drummer for many local bands in need of a last minute drummer.  Patrick currently plays Crush Drums, uses DW Hardware, Zildjian Cymbals, and ProMark sticks.


Tim got into music by listening to "Meet The Beatles" in 1974. He was 8. He asked his father if they could go see The Beatles next time they came around. His father had to give him the  bad news. Around 1977, Tim joined his first band "The Electric Rainbow" . That band morphed into "Caution". Tim quit that band and formed a Christian Rock Band "DOVE" (just switch the letters in DEVO and see what you get) . He went solo for about 5 years calling his act "Lloyd & The Synthetix". Tim joined the Beatless in 1993. Tim plays guitar, keyboards and vocals. He loves writing his own music as well. Tim has a great musical ear and can pick up on new music in a heartbeat, which is a great asset in building The Beatless ever-growing song list.


Paul learned his love for music early in life and started playing the upright bass in grade school. He played second bass on a classical album in 1968. As the era of rock and roll started to emerge, Paul switched his interest to electric bass guitar in Jr. High school. Paul has played not only bass, but several instruments such as lead guitar, drums, and keyboards in several bands over the years. Electric Wizard, Easy Livin', Attitude Check, and Legacy were just some of the bands he has played with. He completed an unreleased tape of original music with 'Legacy'. For about 9 years he switched solely to 12 string guitar music as the era of folk music arose and added many original songs to his repertoire and is copywriting them at this time. In 1993, he started playing with 'The Beatless'. Paul is an ever-adapting musician. His music changes and grows with the music industry. Paul has a keen memory and is able to memorize and sing hundreds of songs upon request. He loves playing and singing many styles of music and hopes to continue to grow as a musician. 


Jerry plays rhythm guitar, some lead guitar, and some keyboards for the band. He enjoys playing finger-picking acoustic melodies on his Martin guitar, such as James Taylor and Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young songs. He also enjoys "crunching" his Les Paul with tunes like those from Jimi Hendrix, The Kinks, and  Robert Palmer. Jerry gets off on creating good quality vocal harmony blends. He also works hard with the bands audio equipment to ensure that the band has a quality sound. Jerry handles much of the business end of the band, so if you would like to know more about the Beatless, head on over to the contact us page!


Darrelyn adds beauty and vitality to The Beatless performances. She plays a wide variety of  percussion instruments and sings back up vocals as well as some lead vocals. She has a great ear for music, which helps her to balance the level and quality of music by adjusting the PA system for varied environments. Darrelyn also initiates audience participation by demonstrating dance steps, and with her teaching background she is very experienced at motivating children as well as adults to participate in the many music activities that The Beatless add to their performances.

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